jewelry quartz with inclusions of Cacoxénite and Crocidolite - Quartz goethite - Super Seven

Quartz super seven

His name surely comes from theextreme rarity and beauty to meet these seven elements together in nature : quartz, translucent or smoked, theamethyst and the citrine, the cacoxénite, the lépidochrosite and goethite.
The quartz super seven with inclusions of cacoxénite and/or lepidocrocite, pure and often améthysté, also called quartz, goethite, is a gem very rare and very sought after for theuniqueness of its inclusions that can form a chatoyancy of glittering sequins black, red or silver in a translucent crystal , tinged with violet, a wonder.
Its name comes from the Greek "lepis" which means "shell" and "krokus", "fiber". Described in 1813 by the mineralogist, Johann Christoph Ullmann.
The lepidocrocite is a mineral polymorph of goethite, rich in iron and contains traces of manganese, the rare crystals do not exceed 2 mm. The inclusions are frequent in many minerals, in needles or flakes of color red-orange, it forms inclusions in colored may be associated with the goethite black in the quartz.
Its name honors the German writer Goethe, the goethite is known since prehistory, the prehistoric men use it as a pigment for paint in the caves, such as Lascaux.
Its name comes from the Greek "kakos" meaning "bad" and "xenos", "guest" or "foreigner", because the content of phosphorus of the cacoxénite decreases the quality of iron smelted from ore containing it. It is described and first discovered in Bohemia in the iron deposits in 1825 under the name of Kacoxene by the mineralogist Steinmann.
The cacoxénite is a mineral consisting of phosphates and hydrated - rich in iron. Be sought for these inclusions acicular in quartz crystals , which can let appear of beautiful chatoyances.
The best deposits are located in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, beautiful specimens are found in Madagascar and India.


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