"This is the stone which dictates the jewel that knows how to sublimate and not the reverse".


"It is the stone that dictates the jewel that sublimates it and not the other way around.
Ô dragons
is the online shop of hand-cut minerals and jewellery, made by Dragon d' Opale.
Our jewellery is designed to protect and to beautify our minerals. They are made with care and rigour by craftsmen, we do not make any treatment on our stones, nor on our fixtures to limit allergies and the harmfulness of certain methods.
Dragon d' Opale is a French company that has been passionate for more than ten years in the research and development of rare minerals and quality jewellery from all over the world.
We search and collect natural gems extracted by hand in a traditional way, without impact on the environment and under respectful humane extraction conditions. We carve them in such a way as to magnify what the raw mineral, the stone has more beautiful to offer.
Our numerous travels make us collaborate with a large number of families of miners, craftsmen and traders who know our working methods and philosophy. These good relationships are the key to offering you the best quality and most beautiful mineral novelties.
The use of our stones in therapeutic support and self-discovery leads us to meet many therapists and authors of lithotherapy books. They recognize our work and consider that it is the follow-up of the mine to the realization of the jewelry, which preserves and amplifies the beneficial effects of our stones.
The profession allows us to meet fellow gemologists, graduates of renowned institutions such as the GIA Gemmology Institute of America or the ING Institut National de Gemmologie, paleontologists, geologists and other mineral specialists. Minerals appeared at the beginning and the mineral kingdom continues to evolve. From discovery to discovery, classifications evolve and our descriptions and certificates are always updated.
Based in Montrésor, at the Dragon Castle, an ancient 12th century Carthusian monastery, we welcome you to present our collections and share our passion and know-how. We also offer training courses in stone cutting and jewellery.
We visit the main mineral shows and exhibitions, the most famous gemstones and fossils, Sainte-Marie aux mines, Paris, Brussels, Liège, Lyon... to meet you.